Our Approach

The ClearPoint team has dedicated decades to become sector experts with the skills and network to help companies achieve their potential.

ClearPoint invests in lower middle-market companies poised to achieve the next level of success. We pave the path forward for our portfolio companies with financial, operating, and strategic resources tailored to their unique needs and ambitions.
‚ÄčExperienced Lower Middle-Market Investors 
We strive to make companies with a defensible market niche into larger and better companies. We target businesses at key inflection points – family/operator-owned businesses or corporate divestitures – with attractive growth potential. We understand how small companies succeed and bring decades of experience in accelerating growth, increasing profitability, and building market leaders. Dedicated company builders.
Proven Industry Specialists
Investing in business services and financial processing companies is all we do. We bring an extensive understanding of the micro-trends, competitive landscape, and numerous segments that make-up these industries. We provide our portfolio companies with broad network of strategic relationships and sector resources. Our seasoned industry expertise gives ClearPoint a unique understanding of company needs and potential. No sector learning curve – rapid and decisive decision-making. 

High-Impact Operational Focus
Together with management, we craft a specific and achievable operating plan to realize a company’s inherent value. We remove obstacles for growth such as incomplete management teams, underinvestment in marketing and sales, and deficient financial and information systems. We advise on strategic initiatives, complete add-on acquisitions, and enhance operating efficiency. Success for the long term.
Collaborative Investment Philosophy
ClearPoint believes in shared objectives and coordinated effort. We work beside management throughout our investment period to set goals, allocate resources, resolve challenges and make our companies stronger and more valuable. Transparency and partnership characterize our operation.
Aligned Incentives and Success 
We think that investment results are enhanced when incentives are aligned across a company's various stakeholders. We reward the commitment of our management teams and advisors that help our companies realize their potential. Shared effort yields shared success.